But Wait! There's More!

You have read but a taste of what I have written on the subject of creating a successful new political party. You can find the rest in my Kindle book Business Plan for a New Political Party.

Here is the table of contents of my book. If enough people buy it, I'll be motivated to write some more books: a on increasing freedom and equality at the same time and/or a book on preserving the planet and our liberties.

Title Page



Part 1 Political Science and Third Parties

1.1 Observation 1: You Have to Win!

1.2 Extremism Loses

1.3 Moderation is Not Enough

1.4 The Lesser of Two Evils Dilemma

1.5 Politics in Two Dimensions

1.6 A Market Niche Screaming to be Filled

1.7 The Other Loophole in Duverger's Law

1.8 Changing the Rules

1.9 Conclusion: A Successful Third Party is Possible

Part 2 Branding and Positioning

2.1 Possible Market Positions

2.2 Branding: Beyond Positioning

2.3 Reclaiming the Word Liberal

2.4 More Upper Left Possibilities

2.5 Freedom and Free Money

2.6 More Freedom, Less Anarchy

2.7 Good, Effective Government

2.8 To Conserve America

2.9 Some Holistic Ideas

Part 3 A Strategic Framework for Third Parties

3.1 Bottlenecks to Party Membership

3.2 Nonlinearity and the Bifurcation Fantasy

3.3 Awareness, a Closer Look

3.4 Best Message, a Closer Look

3.5 Credibility, a Closer Look

3.6 Dedication, the Fourth Bottleneck

3.7 Bottleneck Analysis Applied to Candidates

3.8 Can Viral Marketing Work?

Part 4 Lessons Learned in the Libertarian Party

4.1 General Motors vs. McDonald's

4.2 Danger! Overhead!

4.3 The Purpose of a Party

4.4 Economies of Scale

4.5 A Scary Outreach Idea

4.6 The Power of Small Cities

4.7 Professionals: not a Panacea

4.8 It's Coke or Pepsi Time

4.9 Conventions, Consensus, and Herding Cats

4.10 A Better National Committee?

4.11 A Few More Lessons

Part 5 Persuasion, Mindset, and Political Platforms

5.1 Hypnosis, Magical Words, and Sound Bites

5.2 Lowering the Shields

5.3 The Power of Group Dynamics

5.4 First, Don't Be Silly

5.5 Mindset vs. Persuasion Techniques

5.6 Vote for Me, You Bastard!

5.7 Voter Education vs. Voter Indoctrination

5.8 The Sword of A Priori Victory

5.9 Positive Message or Delightful Doom

5.10 Platforms Matter

5.11 When in Double, Leave it Out

5.12 Platform vs. Vision

5.13 An Atomic Platform

5.14 An Organic Hypertext Program

Part 6 Intent vs. Effect

6.1 Know What Money Is

6.2 Can You Enforce It?

6.3 Antitrust and Taxing Corporations

6.4 Deficits Matter

6.5 Macroeconomics Made Easy

6.6 The Limits to the Laffer Curve

6.7 On Taxing the Rich

6.8 Why Welfare is So Expensive

6.9 Alternatives to Obamacare

6.10 Excuses for Government

6.11 The Best Tax On the World?

6.12 Prices and Values vs. Quotas and Categories

6.13 Environmentalism for Humans

6.14 Shopping for Government

6.15 Blessing the Nations

6.16 Campaign Reform: Be Careful What You Ask For!

Part 7 Starting from Scratch

7.1 The Low Hanging Fruit

7.2 Dedication

7.3 Finding the Early Adopters

7.4 Your Initial Committee

7.5 Geographic Focus

7.6 A Local Agenda

7.7 A State Agenda

7.8 On Running for President

7.9 Where Next?