Privacy Policy

If you send me an email, I'll likely keep a copy on my machine. I'll likely send you a response if appropriate. If I start a new project that might be of interest to those interested in this site, such as a new political party, then I'll likely send a notice to those who wrote me.

If I start a newsletter or discussion group, I might send you an invite, but you'd have to opt in for the invite to stick.

I'll not give/sell/rent your email to any organization.

Evil Chocolate Chip Cookies

This web site uses cookies to track your behavior in two ways:

  1. This web site serves ads from Google, and Google "may be placing and reading cookies on your users' browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served." Quotation is from google's Adsense terms and conditions. Click here for Google's privacy policy page.
  2. I use Statcounter to analyze visitor activity. With it, I can see what outside link brought you here, your rough geographic location, and sequence of pages looked at. I look at this data to see which pages are popular, which pages drive visitors away, and which outside links bring in traffic. (Most web sites and blogs use similar tools.)

If you don't like all this tracking, then you need to quit using the Internet, move to Montana, and wear an aluminum foil hat to block the microwaves.

Just kidding. Your browser has settings to block cookies. But blocking all cookies means you won't be able to log into many web sites, and asking for a prompt will drive you crazy.

Fortunately, newer browsers have advanced features such as blocking cookies from third party sites, erasing all cookies after each session, and/or having different cookie policies for different sites. Look under Edit/Preferences on Mozilla based browsers or Tools on Internet Explorer. Then hunt around for "Privacy" and "Cookies". And see the update!

Update (April 2009)! Google has now implemented "interest-based advertising." That is, Google is now tracking your path across the web through the cookies placed by Adsense (and possibly other services). This allows Google to serve ads based on your interests vs. just the info on the page you are looking at. If this disturbs you, you can opt out of this and other similar ad tracking systems.

Read the Book

Do you want to start a new political party? Or are you simply interested in what that would entail? Check out my new book: Business Plan for a New Political Party.

There is far more in the book than what is here on this site. Read to rule!