Other Writings

I write on current events at The Free Liberal, which started out as a left-libertarian newsprint magazine, but now is just a web site.

My old site is The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz in 2D, a Nolan Chart based political quiz originally designed to detect and recruit moderate libertarians. The site also includes my older writings on Libertarian strategy. Since the LP reaffirmed its membership oath in 2006, I have left the LP and deemphasized the LP on this site. One of these days I intend to upgrade the quiz to reflect the new paradigm here at Holistic Politics.

Some years ago I created a blogspot blog, Paid to Be Rich, a blog about how the government subsidizes the old-money rich. At the time I didn't have a blog here, and I also wanted to see how Blogger blogs get traffic compared to static sites. The answer: not all that impressively. So this site is dormant at the moment, but I may add to it later.

Since this site's look and feel is a cross between Gee Whiz and New Age, it might be a bit off-putting to the suit and tie crowd. I wish to reach that crowd with some of my economic ideas, so I have recently launched a new site Finance & Freedom. There, I am placing detailed ideas for tax reform and regulatory reform of the financial system.

Despite these experiments, I am still adding to this site. See the blog for updates.

Read the Book

Do you want to start a new political party? Or are you simply interested in what that would entail? Check out my new book: Business Plan for a New Political Party.

There is far more in the book than what is here on this site. Read to rule!