The Holistic Politics Store

I like money, but I don’t like begging for it. Back in my active political days, I shuddered at the thought of working the phones to ask for money. And so there is no Institute for Holistic Politics for you to donate to. Nor is there even a tip jar.

But I do like recommending books! I recommend books for free. But why settle for free when Amazon has this handy-dandy affiliate program? I can indulge my inner book-pusher and support my reading habit at the same time.

And if a bunch of you buy lots of these books (and other items), and throw in a big screen TV while on the same shopping spree, I could spend less time on the day job and more time writing and updating articles here. Or better yet, build that alternative energy laboratory I’ve been putting off for three decades…

The store currently has::

Utopian Fiction. Much of the original inspiration for the ideas on this site came from the utopian musings of science fiction writers.

Dystopian Fiction. Bad ideas deserve dire warnings. So do almost-good ideas done without considering the unintended consequences. (I include some libertarian dystopias in this collection.)

Politics, Persuasion, and Mass Domination. You want to change the world? You need to change some minds, and maybe even acquire some power. I have some useful reads for you, but they are dangerous reads! Power without wisdom is a bad thing. So check out some works from the next two categories:

Economics. No matter what your underlying values, your plans are still subject to the laws of economics. Learn them or cause disaster (should you acquire power).

Law, Philosophy, and Political Science. And learn something about law and government while you are at it.

And I plan to add:

Music to Mellow Out By. A web site with “holistic” in the title needs to have something meditation-related on it somewhere. I’ll reveal some powerful mysticism-free meditation tips, and some of my favorite music for getting into alpha and even theta states too.

Shameless Capitalism. Things you don’t need, but buy them anyway to make Bernie feel the burn.

Read the Book

Do you want to start a new political party? Or are you simply interested in what that would entail? Check out my new book: Business Plan for a New Political Party.

People wanted an ebook version of the Plan here on this site. So I started cleaning up, reformatting, and adding a huge amount of content. The book is about three times the length of the free online version -- and easier to read.